Affiliated Companies


A Symbol of Operational Excellence

Haier Pakistan is indeed a strong testament of the ever-lasting Pak-China relationship. The joint venture between Ruba General Trading Company and Haier Group of China shaped the advent of Haier into Pakistan in 2001.

Haier, since its arrival in Pakistan, is operating with an honest commitment towards helping its consumers reap the benefits of modern lifestyle and unmatched nationwide customer support. Haier's vision is to improve the general standard of living throughout Pakistan by offering high quality, consumer requirement met products with innovative features, aimed directly to make its users' life easier and gratifying whilst focusing on affordability. Haier believes that the essence of globalization is localization. For Haier, this means a "Three-in-One" operational framework which consists of complete localization of design, manufacturing and marketing.

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OPPLE Lighting

Experience lighting phenomena

OPPLE Lighting is a leading lighting manufacturer based in Shanghai, China. OPPLE Lighting is a comprehensive lighting enterprise which integrates R&D, Lighting Design, Production and Sales. Having begun its journey in 1996 as a CFL and ceiling fixture manufacturer, OPPLE Lighting has significantly expanded its product line to include a vast array of products and services ranging from CFL's and LED's to large scale commercial lighting solutions. This success has granted us the status of the benchmark home and commercial lighting company not only in China but around the world as well.

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RUBA Digital

Retail is the next big thing!

Ruba Digital is one of the fastest growing electronic retail chain networks in Pakistan which offers its customers a wide range of the finest consumer electronics: kitchen & home appliances, power solution, mobiles/IT related products and lighting solutions, with the option to Buy Now and Pay Later.

By implementing the best retail practices, we aim to ensure a pleasurable shopping experience for all customers, in which they are exposed to the best products from around the world. Our philosophy is simple - to provide world leading brands to consumers all over Pakistan, along with the best customer service, and with the option to Buy Now and Pay Later, so that all Pakistani can start living a better life now and pay for the experience later, in a manner which is financially feasible for both parties involved.

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Jo Chaho is an online mega store which is directed towards catering the increasingly growing online shopping needs of the Pakistani consumer. Internet access for all Pakistanis is gradually becoming cheaper and easier. Consequently, the idea of activating as a 24/7 store, that fulfils all the on-line shopping needs of the progressive Pakistani, the internet as our

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Asia Foam

Luxury Living!

Asia Foam is now one of the leading Pakistani organizations dealing in high quality comfort products. Our clear vision and our strong commitment towards quality have combined to make us a leader in the foam industry. Our primary aim is to help our customers find the right mattress so that they can get a better night's sleep for years to come.

Our Asia Foam Quality Assurance Program ensures that we deliver the much needed support and ever-lasting comfort that our customers seek from our products. Our vision is to raise comfort standards of the Pakistani customer, so that they can enjoy a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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Established in 1990, Jomoo is one of the world-class kitchen and bath brands. Jomoo offers a wide range of high quality sanitary ceramics, intelligence products, kitchen & bath suites, furniture, faucets and hardware. Jomoo products are sold in more than 20 countries spread across 4 continents.
Jomoo's infinite love for water and great respect for lives is reflected in the energy efficient designs of our healthy product range. Jomoo implements the best quality control and high tech production techniques in order to provide customers the highest quality kitchen and bath solutions.
Jomoo's promise 'to make the earth a better place to live in' is fundamental towards our pursuit for ensuring a balance between humans, products & the environment. Jomoo invests more than 5% of sales annually, towards the product R&D department, so that we can make energy efficient products that have a minimal impact on the environment. Jomoo's commitment towards R&D is one of the key elements that has kept Jomoo ahead in the kitchen & bath business.

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Easy Home

Beyond Luxury

Easy Home is a fast growing retail chain network that caters to the home textile, home furnishing and home decor needs of every household of Pakistan. Easy Home is a high quality one-stop modern retail solution which satisfies the customers' desire for aesthetically appealing, comfortable furniture that is made to last long. At Easy Home, our primary concern is and will always be maintaining high quality standards. Our products are sourced from the highest quality components and we choose our vendors only after conducting rigorous quality screening tests in order to make sure that all finished items adhere to our high quality standards.

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Enviro Lifestyle Furniture

Setting The Standard

Enviro Lifestyle Furniture designs and manufactures an extensive range of intelligent and innovative lifestyle solutions for Pakistani market. With a diverse range of products, Enviro Lifestyle Furniture aims to become a trusted leader with a reputation for exceptional quality. Our strategic and customer-focused approach is to design, manufacture and market high-quality affordable furniture for the Pakistani consumer. Our products are available all over Pakistan through a continuously growing dealership network so that all Pakistanis may enjoy a better lifestyle at affordable prices. Enviro Lifestyle Furniture, since its inception in 2012, has successfully delivered up-to-the-standard customized furniture to various satisfied corporate clients as well.

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RUBA Easyauto

EasyAuto is a retail vision of company owned and company operated stores that incorporate a wide range of automobile products, spare parts and service facilities; "all under one roof". We plan to offer a complete one stop solution to the customer's auto needs. Our Easy Auto project aims to introduce a diverse and innovative variety of quality motorcycles for all ages ranging from street bikes to off road bikes and for the first time in Pakistan, e-bikes and scotties designed for women.

In the second phase, RUBA Automotive plans on introducing electric cars, 3 wheelers and Load Carrying Vehicles of various designs and sizes in order to cater to the need for environmental friendly automobiles that provide easy transport and logistical solutions to the Pakistani automobile market.

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Rahi Tractors

RAHI Tractors
The Rahi Tractors Project is a joint venture of Shifeng Group China and Ruba Automotive Pvt Ltd. Launched in October 2012, Rahi tractors were the first Pakistani company to introduce Euro 2 compliant tractors to the Pakistani market. Rahi tractors come with a 1200 hours or 12 month warranty and have been specifically designed keeping in mind the ever-growing needs of the modern farm mechanization in the national agricultural sector. These tractors are being operated successfully in more than 113 countries under the Shifeng Group name.

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